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Alfakhamah Transport: Terms and Conditions for a Seamless Journey

  • Booking Confirmation: All bookings made with Alfakhamah Transport are subject to availability and confirmation. Confirmation of bookings will be provided via email, WhatsApp or SMS once payment has been received.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made less than 12 hours before the scheduled pickup time may incur a 50% cancellation fee. Any cancellations made more than 24 hours will be subject to a refund after deducting Gov. charges.
  • Payment: Payment for services provided by Alfakhamah Transport must be completed prior to the commencement of the journey. Accepted payment methods include cash, MyFatoorah – credit/debit cards, or bank transfers.
  • Vehicle Allocation: Alfakhamah Transport reserves the right to allocate vehicles based on availability and passenger requirements. While every effort will be made to accommodate specific vehicle requests, this cannot always be guaranteed.
  • Driver Conduct: Our drivers are trained professionals who adhere to strict standards of professionalism and conduct. Any inappropriate behavior or requests made to the driver will not be tolerated and may result in the termination of the journey without refund.
  • Passenger Responsibility: Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to local laws and regulations during their journey with Alfakhamah Transport. Any damages caused to the vehicle as a result of negligence or misconduct will be the responsibility of the passenger. Waiting charges 200 SAR per Hour.
  • Luggage: Passengers are permitted to bring luggage onboard, provided it does not exceed the designated capacity of the vehicle. Alfakhamah Transport will not be liable for any loss or damage to luggage during transit.
  • Force Majeure: In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, strikes, or government regulations, Alfakhamah Transport reserves the right to modify or cancel bookings without liability.
  • Liability: While every effort is made to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, Alfakhamah Transport will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or delays that occur during the journey.
  • Feedback and Complaints: Alfakhamah Transport welcomes feedback from passengers to continually improve our services. Any complaints or concerns should be addressed to our customer service department for prompt resolution.
    By booking a journey with Alfakhamah Transport, passengers agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. Alfakhamah Transport reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

 Alfakhamah Transport’s Terms and Conditions outline the guidelines and agreements governing the provision of their transportation services.

It ensures transparency and clarity for passengers regarding booking, cancellation, payment, vehicle allocation, driver conduct, passenger responsibility, luggage handling, force majeure situations, liability, and feedback mechanisms. By adhering to these terms, passengers can expect a seamless and satisfactory experience while availing themselves of Alfakhamah Transport’s services.

The company emphasizes professionalism, safety, and customer satisfaction throughout its operations, ensuring that passengers’ needs are met with efficiency and reliability. Additionally, the terms underscore Alfakhamah Transport’s commitment to continuous improvement, encouraging passengers to provide feedback for ongoing service enhancement.

Overall, these terms and conditions serve to establish trust and mutual understanding between Alfakhamah Transport and its valued clientele, fostering a positive and mutually beneficial relationship in the realm of transportation services.

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